Bankers welcome 2% salary hike offer

29, May 2018 By Vishal

While the whole Indian banking community is disappointed about the 2% salary hike offered by Bank’s Association,a bunch of Bankers have surprisingly welcomed the offer.

A happy banker upon receiving 2% hike as compared to last year'2 1.7%
A happy banker upon receiving 2% hike as compared to last year’2 1.7%

The members of Bank Benchers club have argued that 2% is more than enough for the Banking Community as the sole purpose of pay is to provide us enough money to survive and meet the basic need of food, house and clothing. The members of the Bank Benchers club have said that even 1% hike would have been enough and we are being offered more than what we need. The head of the club Mr Pintu gives an example of his college days as how he used to score just enough to pass the exams and even 1% less could have failed him. We should not ignore the importance of 2% , ask those students who have failed by 2% marks in exam ,says Mr Pintu.

The club members also point out that this offer, if accepted by us happily, would create a window of opportunities for the youth and help reduce crime in the country as people who do not like being paid less than they deserve will move on to other better jobs and there will be less competition in the banking entrance tests. This will eventually make the youth,who can not study hard for entrance tests and indulge in criminal activities , enter banking sector easily reducing crime rate in the country.

On being asked about the comparatively huge salary difference between the central pay commission and the Banking sector, Mr Pintu says that employees in other sectors have many things to do in their lives while bankers stay in the bank all the time so there’s no need of extra money as they don’t have time to spend money on anything.

The club is open for any banker and has a library full of books about how to live a stressful life , how to lead a life with no money and similar topics.