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BBMP to help ISRO with Chandrayaan 2 rover

09, Oct 2018 By phonyreporter

Bangalore: In 2008, ten year ago, ISRO had momentous success in sending a mission to the Moon. The Chandrayaan-1 lead to discovery of water on Moon and catapulted ISRO to an elite club of space exploring nations. Now ISRO is all set to sent Chandrayaan-2. This mission will comprise of an orbiter, like before, and a lander with a rover, unlike before. There is a lot at stake for ISRO. Especially because ISRO was successful in Moon or Mars missions in the first attempt. The orbiter is not new for ISRO but the rover is a new device and there lies the risk of failure, an insider told PhonyReporter in an interview.

"This is our heritage, we can't let citizen miss them": BBMP
Half work is (always) done

BBMP’s Role

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) the municipal corporation of Bangalore has agreed to help. The BBMP has dug up the entire city to create Moon like terrain. This will allow ISRO to reliably and cost effectively test the rover’s performance. ISRO officials said that they are quite excited about the idea, they thanked BBMP for this great help and began testing the rover. Experiment reports have shown positive outcome. The rover was able to identify all the garbage lying on roads distinctively. ISRO is happy about the findings. But they say that more experiments are required before we certify the rover. They have praised BBMP for being so innovative and proactive.

Common People of Bangalore

The condition of roads had agitated common people of Bangalore. In the midst of high fuel prices, bad roads make it more expensive to commute to office. However, after learning about the real reason, people were very happy. Ever since the real reason was revealed there have been smiles all over the city. There have been reports that people said, “If our Jawans (soldier) can fight at the border then we can tolerate this inconvenience for our country”.

Even though this is such a patriotic move some irrational individuals are still asking for better roads. These individuals fail to see the big picture and act as a barrier on the path of development.