Wednesday, 17th July, 2019

BCCI to replace USA in the Paris climate deal

06, Dec 2017 By rofl gujju

Bonn, Germany: Under the protege of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change( UNFCC), World Signed the Paris pact of the climate deal. The deal was mainly about that Developing states will also reduce emission and Developed states will help them financially and technology transfer.

But the world got stunned when Trump is pulling the US out of the Paris climate agreement. This raised the question over the funding that who will help the developing state to improve technology that helps to reduce emission?

As per the Faking news sources, BCCI steps ahead and promised millions of the dollar contribution to the Paris climate deal. As per the FN sources, BCCI took this decision after the Pollution created problems during the Kotla test match. In off the camera talk with the FN, A senior BCCI official said that BCCI can not afford to the black spot on its image and Sri Lankan are the regular income generator for the BCCI.

As per the Forces, Government of India ( GOI) also backed the BCCI decision to contribute to the clean environment. In the era of the globalization when the nongovernment organization like Greenpeace and Amazon dominate the global affairs, GOI welcomes the Global footstep of the BCCI.