Tuesday, 19th February, 2019

Beggars degrade Bharat's image

22, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

It is no longer an undisclosed secret that our great country has now acquired a total of 413 670 beggars and the vagrants. In a big population of about 1.25 billion people, this number holds no weight. Even this number could be lessened if our pot-bellied politicians should deliberate on the beggars’ problem. The poverty level has surely lowered thereby depleting the beggars’ number. When they beat their broad chests for common people’s problems, they appear to forget of the poor beggars who possess the same diplomatic knack in extracting almighty coins from everyone.

It is really shocking and surprising that these beggars have not received any financial help under the facilities being provided for Shining India. Their skills were unmatchable and they were quite professional people. West Bengal has topped the list with 81244 beggars and vagrants including 33086 males and 48158 females in the country.

While, Lakshadweep has just two unique ‘official’ beggars, the least number in the least. It is definitely a matter of distinction for us.

Out of over 4.13 lakh beggars, there are 1.91 lakh women beggars and 2.21 lakh men beggars. This gender disparity is woefully dangerous for the country. This is so because the woman beggars find too difficult to start a family as their sufficient time spends on the road. This menace also needs to be properly attended by women parliamentarians.

The beggars’ miserable picture is in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar finding the second and the third highest positions in the list where 65000 and 29000 beggars stay respectively. This situation is annoying for the reason of the several political parties standing for the social justice in these two states. If SP and BSP leaders should pledge to remove begging in UP there was no cause of finishing the menace.  The same point can be said about Lalu Yadav’s political party in Bihar.