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Bengaluru introduces Traffic Savings Time (TST) to make better use of time lost in traffic jams

12, Aug 2018 By Beer & Biryani

India’s crowdiest metropolitan city Bengaluru is all set to embrace a new timezone to make up for time lost in traffic jams during morning commutes.

Speaking to Faking News, a local government official said, “Bengaluru’s traffic jam is world famous and is about to become a tourist spot. Before we start getting foreign tourists for sight seeing, it is very much necessary that we take care of our efficiency as a city.”

Bengaluru: World's emerging IT (Insane Traffic) hub
Bengaluru: World’s emerging IT (Insane Traffic) hub

“It has been observed that 9 AM-11 AM is the peak time when traffic is maximum and movement is minimum. If we have a Traffic Savings Time dedicated to Bengaluru, all commuters can start to office at 9 AM and reach office at 9 AM after a citywide clock reset at 11 AM. This way no one can reach late to offices or schools, and the long lost efficiency of this city will be restored”, said the official before leaving for an urgent meeting on separate timezone.

We spoke to a random commuter Shalini, who appeared to be excited about TST for her own reasons, “I’m thrilled with the news that we Bengalurians will have our own timezone, just imagine my boyfriend asking me time and me replying 9 AM TST! Wow, I just can’t wait for this to happen.”

As per our sources, the whole of the city is quite enthusiastic about having it’s own time zone as it awaits a paradigm shift in its peception of time, more importantly, as the best solution for ending traffic woes is finally in place.