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Bengaluru Transport Corporation buys waterproof buses whose engine will work in 10 feet water

17, Aug 2018 By dasu

Bengaluru: While Indian Railways is in the process of purchasing ‘waterproof’ engines that can operate under 12-inch water, Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has gone a step further. It has procured buses with engines which would work even in ten feet deep water.

While speaking to us M. Prakash Raju, chairman of BMTC said, “That’s bare minimum, without having such busses we cannot operate buses on Bengaluru roads. This is June, monsoon season has just started. Many roads have five feet water now”.

Waterproof Bus
Waterproof Bus

Mr. Raju added, “With a growth rate of 2 cm per day, by August we expect in many low-lying areas roads will have water depth eight to ten feet at least. Our drivers ‘manage’ by doing zigzag motion to avoid potholes, but how can they avoid roads submerged in floods. We need submarine kind of engines inside buses that will work in such ‘hostile’ conditions”

“On top of it there are many potholes who were small during their teenage time, thanks to nurturing they got from BBMP and BDA, they have turned into small size lakes in their adulthood. You can imagine the environment our drivers work. When they run over few pedestrians or two-wheeler riders, you press people create such hungama”, said Mr. Raju.

Mr. Raju who is not getting cooperation from newly elected Government to increase bus fare in accordance with fuel price hike, said, “We will leave some fish in those water. While we run these submarine type buses, people can see the aquatic life through glass windows. We will charge good money from passengers who will get such ‘unique’ experiences”.