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Big Boss' special season for Award Returnees

30, Oct 2015 By samy

Amongst the news coming of Award winners returning their awards for ‘Growing Intolerance’, there is speculation that they will now be considered for a special Edition of Big Boss. This edition will feature only those who have returned their awards in the current season.

The expected winner of the 1st season descending from Nehru Dynasty
The expected winner of the 1st season descending from Nehru Dynasty

Sources confirmed that Endemol (the production house managing Big Boss) is looking for a special location for this edition of Big Boss. The idea is to firstly create a different ambiance that allows helps flow of creative juices of the award returnees and also give a different look and feel thereby positioning it as a totally different version of Big Boss.

The criteria for deciding the participants is under discussion. We have got the information that since this involves award winners, the prize money and sponsorship amounts would be much higher than the normal version of Big Boss

A source close to the TV Channel that telecasts Big Boss also confirmed the development. I quote ” It is a good idea for Big Boss to be in tune with current issues. It will be easier for people to connect with the show. In addition to this, the participants would get a golden opportunity to showcase their talent (e.g. direction, poetry etc.) in front of the camera and will boost their professional growth. Since all participants would be with a creative background, it will mean constructive feedback and would hopefully result in fine tuning the skill sets.

It waits to be seen how popular the show would be with the masses as it is unsure how many would be able to appreciate poetry, drama etc which is normally at a different wavelength compared to that of a common man