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BMC causes unexpected "bhaichara" between motorcyclists and car drivers in Mumbai

05, Jul 2016 By abhinav

Mumbai. In a shocking incident recorded in Mumbai, growing instances of brotherhood is seen amongst car drivers and motorcyclists on busy roads. As per our initial reports, this unexplained behaviour is credited to Mumbai’s famous potholes (Potholes are described as small or big “wells” that develop on road due to poor road construction).

Witnessing one such Bhaichara between a biker and a cyclist
Witnessing one such Bhaichara between a biker and a cyclist

Motorcyclists and car drivers are mutually giving space to each other to drive (without drowning in potholes) on road. According to an eye witness, on Monday morning, during peak office rush hours, one motorcyclist applied emergency brakes just to let a car overtake him and pass on smoothly. However when he looked closely, motorcyclist was just avoiding a pothole. Similar incidences were reported from other roads of Mumbai famous for its potholes.

We decided to check if the brotherhood is real and conducted an interview with an actual motorcyclist. According to Jugnu Kumar who works as a software engineer in a multinational company, a daily commuter on Mumbai’s famous JVLR road, he himself witnessed this sudden behavioural change amongst many car drivers. He said, “They don’t honk to overtake and don’t even dare to speed up their car on water logged roads these days.” Previously Jugnu ji had experienced many instances where a speeding car would drench him by splashing water from road and spoil his spotless ironed clothes. Whatever be the reason, but this amazing camaraderie between the two has become talk of the town. We hope this continues even after the monsoon season is over and potholes start getting visible.

When we raised potholes issue with BMC, they said potholes is a good way to conserve water as they act as natural ponds and in extreme cases reservoirs. Its a CSR activity conducted every year by BMC officials and the best contractor (who build roads with maximum potholes) receive cash price of rs 1100 and a shawl. We should accolade BMC for doing this noble work and helping in the cause of saving water in this innovative way when whole country is still reeling under water crisis.