Wednesday, 26th June, 2019

Bollywood cases will always be given priority: Supreme Court

24, Jan 2018 By AdityaSachan

Sources confirmed that Supreme Court’s quick and justified response to support release of ‘Padmavaat’ across India is not because of any favors to Bollywood as many make false accusations but more in order to bring peace, prosperity and justice to the society.

“Court believes that movies are most important because they give people entertainment. Unless people of entertained there is no meaning of freedom and life. Hence Bollywood which takes care of this important duty to the nation must be given priority”, said anonymous source.

“You may think that there are many important cases about terrorists, temples, giving justice to poor and waiting since years for justice. However, court knows what is best and more important for society. All the others issues can be delayed but the cases of Bollywood”, continued anonymous source.

There were some rumours about Supreme Court’s plan to give dedicated Judge for solving Bollywood related cases so they can be solved in hours rather than taking a few days and bring justice to society.

We will wait and watch for any further updates.