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Boss faces cold air, staff feel iciness

05, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Would it not be unfair to say that sometimes accountability catches the direct opposition from even the subordinates. There can be several examples in which several normal stern actions were obstructed on account of dissimilar conception preceded.

Lots of actions were missed out on simply because of a distinct thought process compelled to not to go ahead in that perfect direction.

We live within the Municipal limits and the Nagar Ayukt remains responsible for maintaining city’s confines clean. In view of this concise notion, he first avoided lying comfortably under the warm covers and then moved on to inspect the open defecation hot spots early in the colder morning. What he obviously kept in his mind was implementing the government’s cleanliness mission effectively. He has been inspecting such dirty spots ever since the last two months as the reports indicates.

He is not confined to any particular area. His inspection covers all the spots.  His goal remains transparent but his subordinates were supposed to be following their own different way. They continued to choose the path of not similar thinking. That’s why they were evading the working style of their immediate boss who appeared clear in expressing his disapproval towards the officers of Class I & II ranks respectively.

What he laid emphasis upon was the work gets affected owing to their absence. He has even sought clarifications and also issued show cause notices to other employees.

During his inspection, he either found the Zonal officers absent from duty or other subordinates shirking from their responsibilities. Further, assistant and junior level engineers also have shown their irresponsible attitude. If the Nagar Ayukt shows a perfect physique, why do his subordinates wriggle out of the obligations? He faces the whack of a cold blast of air while they lay on warm….