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Brains fry like Pakora at exams

08, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Brains begin to fry by seeing the question paper at the examinations. Such a situation is nothing a new thing. When the Board examinees appear at the physics paper in the morning session, a very tough question started making their brains melt away as they were completely unable to answer it. The question brought them into the proverbial situation of aasman se girey khazoor mein atkey. They were seen perspiring in trepidation. The query was simply complex as it read: How liquid turns out solid after heating treatment? The examinees were failing to distinguish between the frying and the hydrogen bondage. They perceived that the besan gravy quickly turned out into solid pakora after frying procedures. Therefore any kind of liquid substance can become solid.

However, they forgot that the frying process does not turn liquid into solid. It is the hydrogen bondage which turns out the liquid into solid following heat process. As the heat compels the molecules and atoms in the fluid substance vibrate faster, the space between atoms increases and the liquid expands onto more space by the swift molecular motion. This phenomenon occurs behind the hydrogen bondage which speedily hardens liquid into solid at the heat between 45 and 75 degree Celsius. The students really do not have politicians’ minds otherwise they would not have undergone such an ordeal. They would have written a correct answer.

Though they are aware of the fact that the politicians follow only those hard principles which providing them instant benefits, they do not come up to scratch in that direction. They do not go after their certain principles for clearing their impossible deeds. The wily politicians assess their every move for success in their aims ultimately. They afterwards considered if the heated oil brings the pakora into the pan usually, they should also burn the midnight oil for their success in the examinations.