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Builder's brashness bothers land owners

19, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: The builders are blatantly violating the standard building norms which prove their haughtiness and noncompliance to the defined conditions. It is not only a matter of concern but also traumatic.The builder’s clever idea of raising building sans approved norms is a common practice. He wants to axe his own grind. The plot owners were flabbergasted to learn of the builder’s cleverness when he revealed them of providing them back side vacant part in lieu of the front portion. Actually, he constructed the shops on the frontage of the plot and fooled the landowners.

How can he proceed to initiate his purpose lawfully? If it is not permissible to go against legal owners’ wishes, his assertiveness is quite audacious because of all the more not in conformity with the prescribed rules. In spite of this, the builder is feeling relaxed and contented upon his wise move. In his game, one Vibhisan is helping him totally. They are supposed to be in total conformity with each other.

When the landowners asked him about the cash payments he told them a different story. They were stunned how could he change his version on another occasion. During the discussion on some important points, the builder along with the dubious character began to present a changed story.

Further, the builder does not even possess building plan approval for construction of the floors. What is worse, he is not agreed upon measurement of the area used in raising the building. The landowners are never satisfied with the builder’s decision. The builder is even neglecting the building’s structural integrity.

Being owners of the land the actuality of the decisions never reached them and they were told to complete every paper in accordance with his choice. The wily man who helped him in every way always sided with the builder. The real beneficiary became that man and kept on proving his honesty on all occasions. The stocky builder sounded angry at the land owners’ opposition for not taking them into complete confidence from the very start.