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Building roads is our last priority: BBMP

19, Jun 2018 By AdityaSachan

While Bangalore residents always complain about bad infrastructure, lack of street lights, broken and narrow roads. We got an opportunity to have a interview with someone close to BBMP.

‘Yes it is true. And why roads should be priority? It is a conscious decision taken for the benefit of Bengaluru residents. People primarily come here for IT jobs. IT came here because of amazing weather. And we want people to feel the hill station environment with amazing weather, narrow roads and congestion’, said unknown source Mr. Agyaat.

"This is our heritage, we can't let citizen miss them": BBMP
“This is our heritage, we can’t let citizen miss them”: BBMP

On asking for further explanation, Mr Agyaat, the unknown source continued.

‘Bengaluru accounts for only 0.5% land for the total area of state, while more than 10 million people live here and account for above 90% of total tax revenue of Karnataka. Things are much more complex, BBMP spends almost half the year collecting the taxes. And then half year planning for new projects. So not much time is left in their busy schedule. We do not have one of the highest road taxes for nothing Macha! BBMP collects several thousands of crores every year in form of road taxes, housing taxes alone but this becomes big responsibility and they do not have time to do anything apart from collecting taxes all year’, said Mr Agyaat.

‘We do not want to fall into trap of metro city like Mumbai and Delhi. We want to continue look like small city and roads are perfect examples of how serious we are. People buy expensive apartments on 10 feet narrow roads and happily pay few lakhs as house tax. Because they love the way Bengaluru develops. Also our government is not much worried about this. They can always put the blame on immigration and lack of help from Central Government. Also language issue is always seasonal to divert attention from core issues’, explains Mr. Agyaat.

Mr. Agyaat left in his two-wheeler in hurry. However was standing in Silk Board for another two hours stuck in traffic.