Saturday, 23rd February, 2019

Carrying out VIP culture mildly

14, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: How can VIP culture be ended? Every other symptom associated with this culture stays behind. Hooters are still there. Party’s flag, party coloured number plate and party post sticker continue as usual. The politicians assert their points. The ruling party workers feel free. Our elected representatives do not like to discard their manners and tendencies approving the importance. If they are simple-minded, they should look like ordinary politicians. This normality will definitely bring an upright idea in everybody’s mind. If a magic or miracle can suddenly galvanise a dead body, the exclusion of red beacons can be a dark flash on the VIP culture.

The idea behind denunciation of the flowery garlands should change the politicians’ mind in a roundabout way. When the leaders will begin to avoid wreaths, they should purposefully ponder over the macro rural development schemes. When they would feel quite comfy and relaxed they would think in direction of doing something concrete for the downtrodden and the poor farmers. Their speeches will no longer disturb the common people. Their faces will not cover with loads of flowery wreaths. They cover so badly as failing to look at the real condition of the rural India.

In absence of the garlands, the first thing they would able to see is the health of the rural populace. When they would compare the rickety people, their sixth sense would certainly goad them to make proper arrangements of iron tablets and tonics at the govt PHCs in the rural areas. Removal of the red bacon is something inspiring the leaders to feel the need of bringing improvements in the poor traffic system. They will come to know of roadside suvidha fee. This situation arises most of the time across the road crossings. When the leaders will remain entangled into the chaotic traffic they will be capable of seeing the exact cause of jam on the road.

How do the traffic police sit under the tree’s shadow and recruits bring defaulters? Once the anomalies are cured no requirement for beacon or hooter or any other symbol of the VIP is needed for the smooth traffic flow. Now, these points are sufficient to evolve the culture of Everyone Important Person. This life of ours is a very enjoyable fight, but a very miserable truce. So far as our politicians will not change, the lion and the goat will not gulp down water on the same bank of the river. It is only then we would say that the aristocratic culture is on the declining trend.