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Caste controversy of the Pavan Putra Hanumanji

31, Dec 2018 By jayprakash s. chauhan

Hanumanji is upset in the Ram Darbar. He discusses the matter with Ramchandraji. Says, Lord, our ‘Bhakt’ are now making fun of us. In fact, I never believe and bother about anybody’s caste. You resides in my heart. That’s all. But, the people in India are now playing politics on us.

Sometimes, some people says I belongs to Muslim community. Our names, Hanuman, Jatayu, Vali, Tara, Angad, Nal, Nil, Sugrive belongs to Muslim community.viral-photo

Some says I belongs to tribal community, because, I resides in forest, Jungle.

Some people says I belongs to Jat & some says I am Dond & Dalit.

Lakshman is now angry. He is furious. He says, ‘Let me go to the world. I shall finish all those playing politics over Hanumanji. Moreover, I shall teach them ‘Manavdharma.’

Prabhu Ram is silent. He interrupts. ‘Calm down, Lakshman. It’s Kaliyug. In this yug, people are selfish. In addition,they are characterless. You know about the verdict of Supreme Court. It says there is nothing wrong in extra marital relations. Thus, illegal relations are legal. It’s Kaliyug. What else you expect from Kaliyug. My teachings of ‘Maryada’ are lost’.

Prabhu Ram adds. ‘I myself left the Rajbhavan for the benefit of people. Thus, I lived in jungle for 12 years. I even left Sita for the sake of people. But, people make use of me to win the elections. They all plays politics over my birthplace. Thus, they wants Rajbhavan to rule the people.

All the parties raise the issue of my birth place. However, when the election is over, they all forget about it.

Hanuman ask, Prabhu, what is this ‘me too’ andolan in India?

Ram says, you will not understand Hanumanji, it only means that the morale values has all vanished. In fact,they use me & you to win the minds of people.

Recently, some cricketers also comments that Hanuman was a cricketer. But, Hanumanji is innocent. He is not aware of this game. Ram again explains. ‘Hanumanji, this game is fine. However, it’s no more a sport. It’s a game of making money. It’s a match fixing game.’

The Bollywood is silent. No one comments about Hanumanji to be an Actor. Thus, it seems these people are wiser.

At the end

Ramachadra kaha gaye siya se aisa kalajuga aega, Hansa chugega dana dunaka, Kauvva moti khaega.