Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Cattle class correctly classified

03, Feb 2018 By shakeel ahmad

If the train’s general class compartment has been classified as the cattle class, it is nothing incorrect. The long distance trains have limited general bogies which usually remain crowded with the passengers. The travel in the general class of the Howrah-Jodhpur Express from Allahabad to Kanpur Central remained an awful experience. The train arrived late at Allahabad Junction and the anxious passengers hurried up to step into the general compartment. The scant space checked them to board the compartment but anyhow a lot of passengers entered. Inside the compartment, there was space to neither stand nor move nor even sit. The compartment was presenting a different look.

There was no marked change in the condition and crowd of this particular compartment. When we got the opportunity to get a view of the general bogey through the film ‘Gandhi’, there was no alteration in the passengers’ crowd. What has been changed is the categorisation. Previous days’ third class is now known as second class. The passengers complete their journey by in a standing pose. They try to secure a very scant space but the certain passengers did not like adjust another passenger. They even pretend that someone is already sitting. Even 190-km journey turns out to be painful and agonizing.

The vendors create another problem for their gains. They enter the compartment for selling their items. They care least for the passengers on the floor and move on mercilessly. One vendor complete rounds in one compartment, he cannot get off until the train does not stop at its fixed stoppage. So, the vendors’ nastiness continues to vex the passengers. They do not listen to the passengers’ woes if they happen to grumble. Why does not the Railways Ministry look into it? Why do the general bogies carry an excess number of passengers?