Saturday, 16th February, 2019

CBSE thinking to introduced DRS system

06, Apr 2018 By rofl gujju

Delhi:- Media form Print to electronic covered this news that: drs-umpire

As per Untrusted sources of the untrusted media house of Faking news, CBSE accepted that it’s impossible to prevent the paper leak in an era of the Whatsapp and facebook so, It would be good to think on an alternative mechanism to give fair chance to all. As per sources, CBSE thinking to introduced some system like decision review system ( DRS) of cricket. As per this system, Any student who think that there was a paper leak, that student can file an application with necessary support o the other student and after that, CBSE will enquire matter through CBI where CBI act like the third umpire of cricket.

Sources also said that CBSE made a request to BCCI to give a presentation on the administration of the DRS. On another hand, This News also got leaked and student trying to make contact with MS dhoni to learn a lesson to use DRS system.