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Chennai Airport was not submerged, It was a successful experiment to use it as Dockyard

05, Dec 2015 By rofl gujju

Chennai: Media covered the wide range pics of the Chennai airport that submerged due to heavy rain and airport authority shut down the flights for many days. But as per the FN sources it was a successful experiment to convert the airport into dockyard.

Airport or Dockyard?
Airport or Dockyard?

Just last year the air force carried the successful try to land the Mirage 2000 fighter plane on expressway on UP and since then forces want to increase the similar combined Civil-Military infrastructure in India. So, the Chennai Airport passed the initial test to convert in to Dockyard over the night. As per the FN sources second stage of experiment to hanger the Navy ship will be carried out in next some months.

As per the FN sources Govt emphasizing to create the joint civil military infrastructure as it saves money and also helps to save the infrastructure in case of the war as jointly held by the Military. So, as per the current scenario we shall not to be surprise if the we get the pics of the navy ship hangered in the airport in next monsoon.