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Children banned in Khajuraho, while women woo for ‘Condom Crush’

19, Dec 2017 By alien4dec

Khajuraho: In the land of Kamasutra, post the condom bans,now the right-wing activists want to ban children from entering Khajuraho which is a UNESCO world heritage site and famous for the graceful amatory sculptures on its outer walls. “Whatever has been depicted can’t be allowed to show our kids. What sort of moral values are we passing on to our younger generation? How can you allow Kids at such places? It is against India’s culture and tradition to show erotic images to children.

Culturally uncultured?
Culturally uncultured?

Some channels carry ads of Khajuraho repeatedly which are alleged to be indecent especially for children. All media channels are hereby advised not to broadcast any advertisements of Khajuraho between 6 am and 10pm.” Activist Sunder told Faking news.

Talking openly about contraception and sex is still largely a taboo in India. Needless to say, Twitter was quick to react with many people pointing out the redundancy of our system.

Renowned Sexologist Shaukat called it “senseless censorship” in his blog. He further mentioned,”Children needs to be taken along on such visits to Khajuraho for understanding our deep rooted culture and dynasty. Khajuraho’s art is a manifestation of the essence of the philosophy of Indian aesthetics which is unique in the world. Afterall art is all about love and lust”.

“Who will mentor them to differentiate between Holi Balloons and Holiday Ballons (Condoms)?”

“Who will teach them rubber in India means eraser whereas in west, it means condoms, while position doesn’t only means geographical locations”.

“India has second largest population in the world and all because of the non-usage of condoms till date. Kids have enough access to sensual content on the net. We should focus on more points of conversation for our children where we can be open with them, rather than worry about them being spoiled. No point in airing condom ads after 10pm. The target audience is more likely to be busy in the act at that time than watching TV or Tweeting about it”.

“Sex is a natural part of life and condoms are important for the sexual wellbeing of the country. India bans condom ads because 50-year-olds still can’t deal with a live in relationship nor an 18 years old having sex with mutual consent”.

“In Indian philosophy, there are stages of life in which appropriate behavior patterns must be adopted. Sex is just one such stage of life when conjugal relations between a man and wife are considered proper as against lascivicious promiscuity”.

“That day is not so far when even having sex will also be banned to curb the population of our country. I have myself visited Khajuraho and Osho commune. There is nothing indecent, vulgar, repulsive or offensive. Why this moral policing then ? Our children deserve to know about sex and use of condoms”.

“Sexual activity does not stop because of advertisements or ban on them. People have been having sex since Adam and Eve. Those who need a condom will go out and buy it. Has booze consumption stopped because of a ban on advertising? This ban has no end and we need to ban those bigoted brains first”.

Meanwhile, Brand Kamasutra condoms have already launched the world’s sexiest game by the name of ‘Condom Crush’ and is quite popular amongst women especially. Condom Crush is equivalent to the intricate art of lovemaking. Women enjoys techniques in which a man arouses a lady. So the Condom Crush has become an image of a seductive lover, a super sexy hero who offers passionate sexual gratification. Already the game is so popular that within 4 hours, it has been downloaded by 24 millions users.

As a faking news reporter, I also do feel that our approach towards sex is outdated. Any time the trope is invoked, it comes under scrutiny. This is a very old-fashioned spotlight and the bulb should be replaced soon with a LED = Lust Every Day !!