The coffee machine stops working: Employees turn into zombies

21, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

After weeks of practice, people have learned the skill of booing away the blues in their own ways. Some wear good-looking clothes and a compliment do the trick, some lights up sutta with friends, some needs the dose of caffeine to get back on that sucky road.

"Where's my coooffffeeee?"
“Where’s my coooffffeeee?”, employee in search of coffee with empty cup in hand

This intimidating Monday had a different story altogether. The coffee machine got a bug in the office of an IT start-up company and the employees got agitated. The beans of satisfaction were stuck between the four walls of code that stopped the production of juices inside humans. A chemical reaction on which most of us rely to start our day.

Within an hour of not getting coffee at the start of the day brought irritation on the face of employees. Coders started scratching their head and patches of hair fell down. Account managers started yelling on everyone even more which added more chaos to the issue. Tattoo piercing of the designers started bleeding heavily and the place turned into a zombie land.

While founder was badly stuck in traffic, The ignored HR dialed the coffee shop to bring relief to the situation.

Before the coffee reached to the office, zombies had left the place in search of beans.