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Comfortably positioned on his bed, man unable to get up after continuously watching movies on his smart phone for hours

22, Mar 2016 By Beer & Biryani

Mumbai: A 27 year old software employee is reportedly stuck in an awkward position with chin on pillow and smart-phone in front of him, ever since he watched Leonardo’s latest classic “The Revenant” with complete concentration, without even getting up once for loo.

Jaideep is assigned to a project that demands 14 hours of work everyday leaving him with only the night hours for some entertainment. Earlier, he had a habit of watching newshour debate recordings on YouTube but he stopped watching it after Arnab turned nationalist a few days ago.

“Watching movies on smartphones at nights.”

Faking News rushed to Jaideep’s house and tried to get more information on the incident that left him frozen. “Raat bhar mobile par rehta hai, na jaane kitni baar humne kaha tha us mobile ko door rakhkar soya karo. Movie tho weekend mein bhi dekh sakta tha, multiplex jaakar. Bhagwaan jaane iska kya hoga”, said Jaideep’s mother who was waiting for the doctor to show up.

With her permission, we took Jaideep’s phone and found that he was watching “The Revenant” movie which had a two and half hour run time. His computer revealed that it a pirated copy downloaded from a reputed torrent site and was up for seeding too.

“Lack of exercise is also a reason Jaideep is stuck like this. Why can’t this boy get down a couple of stops earlier and start walking instead? He wouldn’t have had to face this, if he were really fit”, said Jaideep’s father as appeared furious with his son’s laziness.

Sources say that there are hundreds and thousands of Jaideeps that stay awake every night, continuously adjusting positions for reaching the best one, just for few hours of amusement at the cost of losing precious sleep at nights.