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Commuters catch conductor's command

18, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Khar Hi Jaane Kharhi Ki Bhasha” (Birds comprehend avian’s language), uttered a commuter while feeling uncomfortable in crowded city bus moving towards the Mall Road here. Quickly another commuter asked whether it was a proverb or a rustic tongue. He was unable to respond accurately. But this line was fairly fresh for the commuter wearing a soft cotton loose piece of clothing in wake of summer. That old man spoke this sentence sitting on the seat of a packed bus. It appeared thoroughly a rural language but full of knowledge. Actually, he wanted to point out that the bus drivers are more aware of the situation. Although the driver drives the bus at his own skill yet he accepts conductor’s order obediently.

The passengers also pay the fare according to the conductor’s wish. Despite the checking drive on the way, the conductors do not issue the ticket to the passengers travelling for short distance. They do not feel any fear of the department’s instructions. They keep the money and suggest the passengers not to complain in case of inspection. Though the officers also adopt a lenient approach, this might be supporting erring conductors. Usually, the commuters’ minds begin to receive unexpected ideas on finding the crowded bus.

When the conversation between both the commuters lengthened one commuter let another commuter knows of the man’s reduced bodily physique. What he used to perform by his extra physical vigour is no longer able to accomplish at present. Bodily physique has no match before the might of machine. He also added that it was man’s strength which allowed him to lift up enough load. But the machine is doing similar feat at present. The artificial technique helps man to accomplish unbelievable deeds.

On the size of the man, he cleared that the human length was measured about 22 feet in the past. Later it reduced to 16 feet and afterwards came down a little lower. At present, an individual’s size is normally measured below six feet. When we view Hollywood films we find human being of gigantic size. Their length frightens us instantly. But it was a fact that the early people were of giant size. Their strength was immense. Their skill was present in various forms till this period.

However, that commuter was unaware of the historical. He was identifying the period of Aallh-Udal as prehistoric and quite unaware of the period of Prithviraj Chauhan. But to another commuter’s surprise, he was able to say much about the Britishers’ entry into the country. He stressed that the Englishmen entered into India through their deception. They were purely traders and by and by started governing over us. He was least conscious of the Ghori’s invasion. It was more like knowing nothing about the city’s popular Massacre Ghat set up around 1926-30.