Thursday, 21st November, 2019

IT company employee fainted as HR replies to his query within a minute

03, May 2017 By SisodiyaRatnesh

Bangalore: A software engineer Karthik working in a reputed IT company dropped email to HR for a query related to company’s policies on Monday.

Karthik assumed he would get a reply only after 3 or 4 weeks from then. So as soon as he dropped the mail, he was about to lock the laptop and leave for Sutta break. He was just locking the laptop and suddenly a new mail popped up on his outlook. It was nothing but the reply of his query which he sent to HR a minute back. He initially thought he was in a dream. So he pinched himself on his hand and sprinkled his face with some water from the water bottle on his desk. To his surprise, YES, it was not dream, it’s an actual reply from HR. Shockingly, Karthik could not handle this surprise, felt some giddiness and got fainted.

His some colleagues initially thought Karthik is sleeping on the desk as he is still in weekend mood. While other close colleagues assumed he still had hangover of the booze party last night. One smart colleague Rajanikanth assumed it’s an epilepsy attack. Rajanikanth advised to smell Karthik a stinking sock. This idea worked and Karthik got consciousness.