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Congress becoming sorry party

29, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Five-time member of Legislative Assembly and Chamba’s royal family scion Asha Kumari delighted in agreeing to her party’s president Rahul Gandhi’s suggestion for a teasing apology from the lady constable in Himachal Pradesh. Her painful acceptance was manifest with her saying that she had to accept what the national chief requested her to comply with. This somehow showed how youthful leader’s Congress has been changing into a sorry or apologetic party.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi appeared to have adopted Gandhiji’s words of surrender, obedience and compliance in exactness. That’s why he straight directed the lady legislature to extend request for the forgiveness from the lady constable. He was attending the party meeting at Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh. He spoke from the podium even. The more the party loses its political base, the more humble he turns out to be.

He quickly refers a good way of life though he seems a bit or a little far in tying the knot. It is also considered to be a part of our good enriched traditions. He looked at his party’s lady legislature and she straight went behind his through command. Though the lady legislature being the royal family descendant expressed of her rightness, she with a bright shade of pink extended her act of contrition. The Deputy Superintendent of Police, Shimla, said that the lady constable was in the khaki uniform so this matter would be herewith probed.

He was there to take part in review meeting over the party’s devastation in the state where once the Congress party ruled with all the strength. As he was playing a guessing game, the confrontation between the lady leader and the lady police ensued with slap spells. Who initiated the first slap ended into the swap over another slap? Both indulged in a brawl.