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Corporates revamp Separation Portal due to Petrol Prices

14, Sep 2018 By Ms. Buch

India: Corporates revamp Separation Portal due to petrol price rise. Recent petrol price rise has affected various strata of society. Corporate sector has reported upward trend in attrition numbers.

Our reporters reached out to one of the leading company; here are the updates on how corporates are preparing to deal with the changes coming up in ‘Developed India’.

An employee's reaction after finding his total (60% of his salary) expense after petrol
An employee’s reaction after finding his total (60% of his salary) expense after petrol

We spoke to the HR person who had just completed his major project of Independence Day celebration.

He said, “Yes, this is true that attrition is showing upward trend. It is surprising that employees are looking for job change not for ‘Better Opportunities’ but they want to meet the basic expense of commute to the office.”

He also added, “Our IT experts are working to add a category – ‘Deal with rising Fuel Prices’ in the Separation Portal of our company.

We sincerely wish our ex-employees get enough renumeration to meet their fuel expenses. This will help them in focusing on their career in turn helping them to grow professionally.”

When we asked if the company has any plan to control the attrition rate; HR person said enthusiastically, “Oh yes, we have a special guest for our upcoming Town Hall who will be addressing Mitrons on how fuel price rise will benefit them in 2022. We are hoping that the trick will work this time too.”