Crockery set received in Diwali gift found to be dated back to 4000 year old Harappan Civilization

12, Nov 2018 By Pushpendra Singh

New Delhi. In an unprecedented turn of event Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has stumbled upon a crockery set that dates back to “Bronze Age” (2000-1800 BC). More shocking is the fact that it was not found in excavation, instead it was found in a residential apartment in a gift box received by Mrs. Bhatia. Now you must be wondering how come such a historical artifact found its place in a gift box.

Actually, It all begin with a Scathing facebook post. Deeply anguished Mrs. Bhatia complained about Mrs. Kalra that she allegedly gifted this crockery which looks very old and not trendy at all.

Literally 'Antique' Diwali gift
Literally ‘Antique’ Diwali gift

So she showed her anger by posting a photo of this set and wrote that Mrs Kalra has broken all norms of civility by gifting such crap thing to her. However, Mrs. Kalra immediately clarified that she never purchased this, in fact she also received it from someone else during last Diwali and she never opened that box. Following age old practice of circulating gift, she only changed the gift wrapping and forwarded to Mrs. Bhatia.

Anyways thanks to the Netizens that they started making meme out of it and it caught the attention of ASI. ASI was quick to notice that this Crockery set is not an ordinary crockery but indeed belong to Indus valley civilization. So they acquired this Indus era artifact from Mrs. Bhatia in exchange of another crockery set purchased from local shop (packaged in shiny gift wrap). It was a win-win offer for both, Irfan Habib, Director of ASI told to media.

While ASI is feeling fortunate to discover such an important archaeological artifact without any excavation efforts, they are also deeply puzzled by the question that how come such a precious antique became a routine Diwali gift.

One theory tries to answer this mystery.  Probably this is being circulated as Diwali gift since era of Harappan civilization and the circulation was continued till today until over enthusiastic son of Mrs. Bhatia happened to open it without her permission. That’s when they realized that it is a very old and its a good opportunity to name & shame Mrs. Kalra.

But as confirmed by Mrs Kalra , she also got this gift by someone else. And who knows if its rotating as gift box since the time of Harappa city itself.

Certainly true to the culture of giving gifts , no one ever tried opening this gift and just kept forwarding it to others. So its very difficult to trace it back to the original owner but it is Carbon 14 dating confirms that it is at least 4000 year old, said Sudip Mondal, co-Director of ASI , New Delhi.

This discovery confirms two quintessential facts :

  1. Harappan civilization also used to celebrate Diwali and
  2. the tradition of forwarding gift boxes to others is an ancient tradition.

However proponents of Aryan Invasion Theory are not ready to accept the fact that Harappan citizens used to celebrate Diwali which primarily celebrates return of an Aryan outsider king. This is something deeply disturbing to them.

Whatsoever is the fate of Aryan Invasion Theory but this discovery has reaffirmed this fact that forwarding crockery gifts is an ancient tradition and we should continue it this Diwali as well.

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