Tuesday, 26th March, 2019

Currency notes spoil health

05, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

To my surprise, as much as everyone’s else’s, our love for money puts us in the risk zone. This affectionate feel for the currency notes compels each one of us keeping the valuable legal tender in the pocket. But it is wholly not good for our bodily health.

Various fatal diseases tend to develop in our frail body by sticking to this customary habit. It was cleared by a recent study conducted by the Institute of Genomics & Integrative Biology. According to this research, a total of 78 kinds of fatal diseases were caused by the soiled currency notes.

As many as 120 currency notes’ samples were examined in which 86.4 per cent notes were infected which were taken from traders, doctors, students and housewives.

Germs move from the soiled notes to the body thereby adding risk. Was the survey aimed at suggesting everyone keep only new paper currency? If not so, is it an idea goading for the online transactions? In that case need of the pockets in our usual wears ends.

Owing to soiled currency notes some of us directly approach the nearby bank for depositing those poorer quality notes. Who would greet a disease passing on into one’s body? The body working under the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research apprised of the risks deserves commendations.

If it were not thought at such a critical time, there might have arisen bigger risk. After all, none likes to go to the hospital for it brings a needless burden on our cash-starved pockets. When we read about the survey, our breathing intensified.

People are thus saved from oscillating between fits of despair and awareness. The whole thing felt blank. It just came around us. We embraced it in a way that did not feel so harmful. However, we found solace in a timely hint.