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Delhi hai smog walo ki...

20, Nov 2017 By Gurdeep Singh Ahluwalia

Looking into the current smog situation in Delhi, we have tried getting quotes from all segments of the society;

“Most Polluted Capital in the Word” – thanks to our politicians.

In the world first, the three mayors of Delhi, Chief Minister of Delhi and Prime Minister of India have filled self nominations for their best contribution to help Delhi achieve a superb milestone of “Most Polluted Capital in the World”

Worldwide politicians

While worldwide politicians have expressed their discomfort to give away the award by the awarding committee, they have demanded that they too need an opportunity to make an attempt to achieve the title with their undermining efforts.


This issues helps Delhi to be in the eyes of world media and gives its residents an chance to feel the state of gas chamber without being part of any experiments or scientific research.

Pharma Companies and Doctors.

While all pharma companies have doubled up their production and issued an circular to all its marketing teams for no leaves till the time they encash the golden phase, infact doctors too have booked tickets for their foreign vacation and some have bought car from premium segment showrooms to pace up their income tax liability.


Children’s have come out in full support of the politicians by putting statements that they will in the future continue to vote for such leaders who help us get holidays without any occasions.


Housewive’s are happy that they do not have to spend too much on makeup or jewellery as they can simply apply ash from smog, some have even claimed that this smog is good for their skin and helps in preventing age wrinkle lines on their faces.

we appeal you all to try your level best to help delhi be the same as it is or be called as, “Delhi hai smog walo ki”.