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Delhi IT engineers demand Monday to be declared an odd day irrespective of the date

20, Apr 2016 By Sudhanshu Chopra

New Delhi. Monday blues could not have gotten any farther when Delhi IT Engineers Association demanded that the government declare Monday to be an odd day irrespective of the date. Addressing a press conference, S L Thakur, the president of DITEA termed the demand as historic because it identified the pain which Monday brings with it to the corporate employees.

Unable to get ready on Monday
IT engineer facing a great difficulty in getting ready on Monday

“It is about time our suffering was symbolized, if not abolished. Monday is an odd day indeed”, emphasized Thakur. The association members had some interesting facts to support their cause.

“You see February 2016 had 5 Mondays. And it was February. Can you believe that? It should have been declared as an odd month. We are just asking for odd day. We are being reasonable,” argued Suraj Kapoor, the press secretary of DITEA.

The demand seems to have taken cue from Delhi Government’s odd-even rule to put a lid on capital’s traffic trouble. On being asked if the demand had any ulterior motive too, Kapoor highlighted upon IT people’s love for double entendre.

“You see we are not all about coding. Not many people know that other than apps, we like to make some genuine pun too. Now every Monday does not fall on an odd date. But it is odd for us nevertheless, for obvious reasons. So we are being metaphorical here too”, smiled Kapoor, as the revelation invited a roaring applause from both coders and testers, who known for their office rivalry were surprisingly seen nodding in unison all through the event.