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Dhanteras miracle: Man digs up gold from the potholes caused by Bengaluru rain

20, Oct 2017 By Vishal Bala

Bengaluru: Man digs up gold from the potholes at Bengaluru, media calls it Dhanteras miracle. It was not just another day of getting stuck at the Bengaluru Silk board traffic for Rajesh. Rajesh, 25, a software engineer from SIPRO, was waiting in the Silk Board traffic signal for the rain to stop so that he could go home. That is when he noticed something odd with one particular pothole.

Here is Rajesh, describing his miracle, “I was waiting at the Silk Board signal for 1 and 1/2 hours. I had parked my vehicle at one of the big potholes. I noticed something very hard in this particular pothole alone. So, I decided to start digging up the pothole with my laptop. And whoa! I had unearthed Gold from the pothole. I take this opportunity to thank Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), for such a wonderful miracle to happen in my life. I have something to gift my wife for Dhanteras now.”

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Bengaluru, being the hub of disruptive startups, saw the dawn of another new innovative startup, bookmypothole.com. Shruti, the CEO of bookmypothole.com in an exclusive interview to NATV speaks of her disruptive startup idea. “So, this particular incident gave us an idea to start an innovative startup to book your own potholes for parking in busy signals across the city.”

Shruti, further concluded saying that the company plans to introduce premium services of providing sickles to start digging potholes. This is in addition to few innovative startup ideas. Will bookmypothole.com revolutionize the startup industry? Only time and BBMP’s efficiency in the next few years will tell us. Next hot news coverage, is the BBMP Fb page going live with the pothole tracker.