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Diwali Dhamaka: Use Promo Code to get 90% discount upto 75 paise

12, Oct 2017 By sushantrath

The newly launched WorldCrushAir has introduced a Diwali Dhamaka offer for its customers who will book tickets in a selected route Delhi-Shivakashi and back. With booking of each ticket it will send a promocode to your registered mobile number. By using this promocode, the user can take cashback discount of 90% of the fare subject to maximum discount of 75 paise.Truth-Behind-The-Diwali-Dhamaka-Offers-True-Consumer-Story

However, SC has taken this offer seriously and said that this offer is unconstitutional. The discount will create people to travel directly to Shivkashi and purchase crackers. This offer is against the constitution and will be responsible for increasing pollution of Delhi. They have asked the WorldCrushAir bullock cart service to withdraw the offer, otherwise it will be considered as “contempt”. However, many eminent personalities are not agreeing with the verdict of the Sikayat Courier (SC).

Meanwhile, AK has stated that he has no problem with this offer if this carts run only on even days of the months. The p/m level of air will be reduced on even days and increase on odd days. So, it will be balanced. He will be happy if pm is balanced.

Many other intelligent personalities have also welcome the offer. However, they have complained why media is not discussing this matter day and night.