Earth's axis tilts by 2 degrees due to weight imbalance caused by flurry of govt foundation stone laying ceremonies

25, Feb 2019 By electroman

Astronomers at NASA were baffled by sudden changes in Earth’s magnetic field and gravitational forces. When they pressed all the geological satellites to find the answer, they found this strange anomaly in Earth’s surface. The satellites indicated a sudden huge weight shift on the planet’s surface which has caused the imbalance. As a result the earth has tilted by 2 degrees in its axis.

So many foundation stones- equivalent to a small mountain!
So many foundation stones- equivalent to a small mountain!

They further studied the weight shift and found out that the exact location was India. Then NASA gave summer vacation to all the Indians working there (36% as per Whatsapp forward data) to go to India and investigate this anomaly. The scientists arrived in India and analysed aerial view of the country to find out that all the villages are electrified(Source: Whatsapp forward) and the whole country is very bright during night time when photographed by NASA satellites.

Coming to the issue at hand, the scientists went to every major city in the country and saw the soil was disturbed in a few places. When enquired, people told them that there was a recent ground breaking ceremony for some Central Government project. The PM has visited the place and laid foundation stone for the project. The scientists found such stones everywhere in India. They concluded that since it is almost the end of their 5 year tenure, the Government is announcing a huge amount of projects to score brownie points with people. Just like how Engineering students study at the last day for every examination.

All the while they were laying foundation stones all over the country, their friend Adani was mining coal in Australia, thus accelerating the weight imbalance and causing the Earth to shift in its axis. Now to adjust this imbalance NASA advised the Government to send Rakhi Sawant to the US.