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Egg Prices hit the sky, AIADMK leaders happy

27, Nov 2017 By MrIndia

Egg prices in the manipulated wholesale market shot past chicken prices today. It made at least one group very happy. Ruling party AIADMK chief minister of Tamil Nadu, Mr.Edapadi Palanisamy and his team of ministers expressed their euphoria at this development.

Three months ago tomato prices went past Rs.100/kg. The AIADMK ministers spoke about it at a meeting and announced “we are happy at this high price of tomatos. Nobody throws rotten tomatos at us anymore”. At that time the ministers also prayed to Lord Murugan pleading The Almighty to raise the price of eggs for the same reason. They visited Palani Murugan temple and offered prayers. Some of them even shaved their heads to prove their loyalty to the Tamil God.

Lord Murugan, the kindest God of all, was pleased with their exhibition. Rooster is His war flag. Therefore, it is special for him when anyone comes to him about eggs and chicken. He decided to bless his devotees on their request and pushed the egg prices to Rs.2000/dozen.

Following this historic victory over their voters, the AIADMK ministers announced they will be praying to Lord Balaji at Tirupati. They said “we will offer 50% of our heist as bribe to Lord Venkateshwara if He saves our ass from CBI raids”.