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Employee receives bravery award for not laughing his heart out at reporting managers joke

05, May 2017 By abhinav

Time’s changing, definitely for Babloo, a sales executive in a reputed MNC firm.

Being this job as his first one, Babloo is quite an energetic and passionate sales person. A young man in his early twenties, can easily charm a customer to buy his vegetable slicing machine. Being armed with an MBA degree from prestigious IIPM institute (Which made him to think beyond IIMs), Babloo is easily able to impress his bosses and customers with his cutting edge knowledge. All n all, Babloo is a star.

Instead after a while he cried out loud
Instead after a while he cried out loud

But not many days ago, something happened which was completely unexpected. It was a usual quarterly company outing which rewarded outstanding sales persons by taking them to a resort with a pool. Everyone was quite excited. All were cracking jokes and singing. Here came a joke from Babloo’s boss: Elephant and ant were walking over a bridge. Suddenly elephant looked down in the river, but ant bit it. Why? Because ant’s wife was bathing in the river. This was enough to make everyone fall on their knees and laughing holding their bellies. Everyone got mad at the joke. But their stood Babloo, as silent as Manmohan Singh. No smile, no emotions. Babloo’s brilliant education at IIPM had made him very logical and not to react on PJ’s. Everybody was shocked. How can someone not laugh at his boss’s joke.

The news spread like a wildfire. Magazines and newspapers were flooded with Babloo’s brave act which is one in a million. Indian Government has decided to give Gallantry award to Babloo for his outstanding feat. This definitely calls for celebrations.