Seats left vacant by students who bunk lectures will be offered to poor students: Bengaluru Engineering College

20, Aug 2018 By Mukesh Kamath

If you are a student and wish to bunk classes you better beware. Any one who bunks classes will repent as the bunked seats will be occupied by students from poor backgrounds. A city based college here in Bengaluru has come up with a novel idea to discipline its students. Such an unusual step from this college shows their exasperation at falling attendance.


What experts have to say?

Educational experts termed the move as brilliant but were advising caution. They find the basic idea laudable but say implementation will be difficult. An erstwhile teacher Mr. Satish who runs a tuition center cum training institute we spoke to welcomed the idea. He says “Colleges find it difficult to catch students imagination in the higher semesters. While they do a good job in the lower semesters higher semesters are devoid of practicals. Faculties also dread taking such classes and secretly desire lower attendance or none at all.”

While it is unclear if the college really goes ahead with the proposal. A teacher we spoke to on condition of anonymity opposed the idea. He said since our college does not have so much reputation there may not be anyone willing to occupy the empty seats. He also said that it could be a security issue to the other students. He expressed fear that the university might shoot down the proposal or worse blacklist the college.

The principal of the college has years of experience under his belt and seems to have owned up to the idea fully. He claims management support to his move. Having ensured that all arrangements are made to launch the proposal by this academic year itself. He said for implementation computer server software for tracking attendance of students is getting final touches. Any poor student who could not afford to continue his engineering education can sit on the bunked seats. Not only that any bonafide and interested student can approach the college to get registered for attending the classes. They only have to submit documentary proof of identity and other testimonials.

Students Speak about Bunked Seats…

A student, an habitual bunker we spoke to ridiculed the idea. He says the principal has gone crazy. Its a waste of time sitting in the class anyhow and its not like we want to bunk. He then went on to elaborate on certain complaints students of all colleges have in general. Finally announcing that he may discontinue the course if he finds his seat occupied by someone else when he is late to the class.

A parent we spoke to expressed concern. He said such an unusual move will not go down well with his daughter who studies in the college. Its not about security alone. He said no poor student will come to the classes when they don’t benefit from them anyways. The parent also expressed remorse that very few have the zeal to come up in life.