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Engineering students to be conferred with BE/B.Tech (photography) along with engineering degrees

18, Feb 2017 By akintoshov

After repeated demand from engineers cum photographers, leading universities have finally stepped up and decided to reward engineering students with BE/B.Tech (photography) along with their engineering degrees.

"Any engineer photographer must know to repair camera, if not mixer grinder" , says college dean
“Any engineer photographer must know to repair camera, if not mixer grinder” , says college dean

After watching 3 Idiots, many engineering students discovered their passion for photography and drones upto such extent that during engineering many student aspire only of making drones and after completing engineering they become photographers putting end to tradition of becoming an engineer after completing engineering.

Speaking on the decision father of an engineering graduate told our reporter, “Dekho Ji, degree of engineering is no more useful and it won’t land him into any job, also even after completing his degree in Electrical Engineering my son is unable to repair mixer at our home. So it will be better that he’ll have a degree in photography and he will capture photographs of wedding, baby shower, get together.”

After news broke out every Amar, Akbar and Anthony who have their photography page on Facebook rejoiced and said in unison, “At least we are employed in one way or the other.”