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England Cricket Board wants Ben Stokes to share his IPL earnings with them

13, Jun 2017 By Rushad Irani
Ben Stokes' reaction upon the news
Ben Stokes’ reaction upon the news

London: The England Cricket board wants Ben Stokes to share his IPL earnings with them. Ben stokes was picked up by the Rising Pune supergiant for a whopping 14.50 crore during the 2017 IPL. The England cricket board asked Ben Stokes to share his earning from the IPL earnings with them as the amount is huge. Ben stokes replied that it is his hard earned money and will not share his earnings with anyone.

The England cricket board then asked to share atleast some amount of his earnings if not the entire amount. Ben stokes further said that he will share his earnings only if he gets paid more in the 2018 IPL.

On hearing this the England Cricket Board agreed to Ben stokes and are now eagerly waiting for the 2018 IPL auction.

However Ben Stokes will be fine to settle on the same amount as the 2017 IPL.