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Facebook & Tinder to be linked with Aadhaar, suspected traffic drop 80%

28, Dec 2017 By navjit

New Delhi: 26 December 2017. Although the news came after christmas party but New Year Eve is already spoiled for many office camouflaged party goers. The govt. has decided to link the accounts on social networking & dating apps like Tinder with the Aadhaar card. Very Strongly objecting to this, President of TAU (Tinder app users Association), who himself is having multiple accounts in the name of Navi, Ravi, Kavi etc, has said that this is breach of privacy, firstly the govt. must allow us to have multiple aadhaar cards, so as to manage our multiple accounts.aadhaar tinder

One member was heard quoting, “Bhai, Bank account to theek se, par yo, tinder wali baat to ghanni galat laagi sarkar ki”. President of TAU also said, this will demotivate all the married, fake multiple account holders & even sellers existing on this app. Govt. is not allowing us to have fun anywhere. This will in in turn make people talk about politics and ask RELEVANT questions. And this comment has sent shivers to the govt.`s spine across the nation.

Our very own SDH Masala company brand ambassador, who, till recently was on TINDER showing his age as 42, also, exasperatingly reacted about govt.`s decision and asked them to repeal it.

Another superstar anchor Mr.ArnUb Goneswami also said on his TV, “Nation does not want to know, than why is govt. letting them know”. He also spoke against the decision, Our sources have revealed, he is also on Tinder, account name being Stud_in_Mud.

When our correspondent, “Fake Adhaari” tried to reach the Law ministry, I&B Ministry, no one responded, instead, he was offered 2 additional aadhaar cards. We will try to track the story further and bring all kind of update. Do NOT forget, you heard it first on our channel Gurh Gobar TV network, India`s fastest news network. Pls like, subscribe & share.