Monday, 9th December, 2019

Falling into frigid freedom of food

07, Dec 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: ‘Stop eating rice before the exam’, said the teacher to the students. She left the classroom after taking a last glance at the smiling, spirited students. It seemed okay to the students but they did just not really like it. Falling into forbidding freedom of not eating rice they sensed to slide back.

How could the young students do this if they were habitual of eating that kind of stuff on the regular routine basis? It was more often seen that people take rice after the normal, common pieces of roti.

There were shimmering flares of youthful strength among the students as they were endeavouring hard to get through their final examinations. Several students were still startled at the connection of rice with the examination. It only requires attention more on the books and evading unnecessary focus. What is most needed during the exam time is the robust body with an attention-grabbing mind?

Surely the rice is not distracting students’ attention, concentration and focus on the study which is badly required just at the time of examinations. Rice contains starch that gives energy in some way.

The students were supposed to be waddling in a sea of uncertainties. They were finding themselves between to eat or not to eat the rice if their teacher has instructed them to follow strictly.

They were resting their heads on their respective desks. Their glowing faces were turning pale from pink. Their shiny hairs were also becoming darkish. They tried to absorb the teacher’s words through the plain propinquity.

Moreover, the flexible blaze burning within of deprivation from one of the staple indigenous foods lingered in their thoughts.

Sighing softly they dropped their heads into the mathematical equations using the numbers to predict their prospect of success or failure in the final examinations.