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A fashion designer opens a new label called “Nude” with zero investment

19, Nov 2018 By varun chopra

With the businesses making crores from social media platforms like Instagram, this extremely talented girl came up with a new label and fashion code for millennials. The severely gullible audience reacted with taps and love on the page and got handsome followership in a week’s time.

“While sitting one day I felt very uncomfortable wearing clothes and came up with this idea. Now, it feels free. I have people following my page religiously day in and night. Jain Monks have been our customer since ages and now we are going to expand like crazy. “ – Founder

With zero investment, this boot stripped startup is changing the world for good. Examples like these define the new millennial Era.

The company is still in search of the right endorsement celebrity for Nude, while they announced “All you need is nothing” to be their next campaign.