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Females fight fat figure fruitlessly

27, May 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Few fatty females were extremely unsatisfied with their fleshy figure. A 4 feet 2-inch housewife with a ballooned body of above 55 kg thought out of a one touch formula for her body’s flab reduction. She started her exercises like simple direct yoga postures, bendy jumps, and several squats on the routine basis. With this work out she imagined being skinny like her sleek friend one day. Being mother-of-three she was not uneasy at the foot walk but her gasp used to be a problem for strolling enough. She was interested in toning up her body and making the flabby derriere bouncy. Undertaking morning walk, avoiding fatty foods, reducing the daily intake of lunch appear feasible way for her to reach the goal. She along with three other women made up their mind to start exercises. Initially, these women kept their morning walk for a shorter distance. Later they increased the distance up to more than a kilometre. In their respective exercises, this was a better option to lessen their roly-poly waistline.

These flabby bodied women did not leave their hope. Their Yoga exercises also continued along with regular intake of the green tea for reducing extra weight. Their keenness in initial days was worth observing as if they had to stop only after attaining slender body. Jointly they could only see all that was flabby in their bodily shape. The flaccid fat around their necks, their abdomens, their thighs and their waistlines bulged out inadequately. They were all the more not in sympathy with their fleshy natural body because they knew it was imperfect in every way.  One woman said, “She aspired for slimming down and dying for developing a skinny body. And that was why she started consuming a coarse food, low-oily things and even discarding normal pieces of bread. Along with this, plenty of yoga exercises remained her choice for reaching near the goal.”  Further two among them stressed, “If we could walk at least walk for 30 minutes daily, it is extremely helpful for our thyroid gland. Fear of such symptom in our ballooning shape is another worrisome matter.”

They pointed out that “it was long since their body had not shown off their thin frame in stylish elegant dresses as well as form-fitting outfits. That was something disgusting for them.”The most interesting matter was that one lethargic lanky woman avoided the strictness for her. What came to their hands after a few weeks’ practice was nothing comfortable. After three months their fervour for becoming thin started dwindling but they were not totally discouraged. Since they were following straightforward, simple, doctor-approved approach to eating and exercise for throwing out years of the fatty body, they were still desperate to transform from a fat-storing person to a permanent fat-burner. With the completion of one long year, they were far from turning slim. So their exercises lengthened to as many as two years. After that their resolve began to fade away. They started feeling like a defeated army. They could not muster that kind of zest which they showed at the outset. One among them even reacted, “Whatever we tried in twenty-four months was proved to be insufficient for losing overweight?  Therefore, one morning they suddenly suspended their exercises including morning walk as the winter approached with all its severity and harshness. Now, they bemoan of their fat body gazing at the slender women off and on.