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Finally found that "SHARMA JI ka LAUNDA", whose achievements our parents used to brag about

02, Aug 2017 By bitjack

Finally, found alive, the guy who made our lives a living hell when we all were young and happy (or at least tried to be).

Harshit Sharma, a 16-years old boy bagged a package of Rs.1.44 Crore from GOOGLE, proved that he fits the description of that “SHARMA JI ki AULAAD”, who our parents used to compare with and gave a scar to our lives. This Sharma Ji ka Launda proved again, that whatever you will do, it will always be worthless unless you do it like him. Chandigarh boy bagged highest package at his age. photo goog_zpssgwevmnm.jpg

When asked his parents, how do they feel about their son getting a hefty pay scale when most of the guys his age are still watching Doremon ?

Proud of their son photo videotogif_2017.08.01_18.00.25_zpstp7rao3o.gif