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Flower pots taken away

18, Mar 2018 By shakeel ahmad

Ours is a unique wonderful country. Very common people tried to look greedily at petty things unlike the designs of very rich people. In recent days the people started carrying away flower pots placed at the Ghats and the roads during the very, very important dignitaries’ visit in Varanasi. The earthen flower pots looked attractive to them. So, they without suitable contemplation of several unpleasant consequences allegedly took away the clay containers.

This episode genuinely reminded us of that similar observable fact when a lot more people were found taking the freshly made cots over their heads after the conclusion of the Congress party’s Khaat Sabha. The Congress party though cared little for the bamboo cots while the Varanasi Municipal Corporation thought differently in the stolen flower pots.

What remained different was that the cot lifters were excused for their mistaken deeds at that time. The Varanasi episode turned out a little more bothersome for the flower pots’ lifters.

They were told to return the ‘stolen’ flower pots and this novel idea even worked up to some extent. The people especially living in localities adjacent to the Ghats returned the flower pots. The cots were also taken away following the end of the programme when the Congress party senior leaders left the venue.

Correspondingly, the flower pots were also lifted when the security personnel left the route to the VIP fleet movement along the roads dividers and the Assi Ghat and the Dassasumedh Ghat in Varanasi. The people picked up the flower pots procured from privately owned nurseries.

The Varanasi Municipal Corporation had put as many as 6000 plants for giving a pleasing feeling and impression of the area. A large number of flower pots were said to have been damaged or crushed on the roads. Not more than 3500 flower pots could be collected.