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FN exclusive : Walk and talk with Mr. Finance Minister

11, Nov 2017 By rofl gujju

It’s an honor for the faking news that Mr. Finance minister You give us an exclusive interview on the historic day of the 8th November. I Pagal Partaker (PP) welcome you to Faking news on behalf of all our readers. Finance minister (FM): Thanks, PP.

PP: Sir, On last 8/11 you pushed the whole nation in black and today the black clouds covered the whole Delhi. What steps do you take? FM: Look, We are serious on both front – Black money and Pollution. We ordered the authorities to dump the Panama and paradise papers rather than burning it.

We are strengthening Digital India initiative
“We are strengthening Digital India initiative”

PP: It’s good to hear from you sir that you are aware of the issue of pollution. Sir, it’s said that every person in Delhi inhales the gases that equal to the 50 cigarettes. What do you want to say on that? FM: Look, It’s all due to the pollution created by a citizen. What can a government do? At least we don’t impose GST of 28% on those 50 cigarettes you consume every day.

PP: Sir, Today is the anniversary of the demonetization. What is the biggest success of that? FM: As per me the biggest success is that it created the force o the 5,00,00,000 new economist without paying a penny on their education. What can you ask for more than this?

PP: But sire people said that Demonetisation cause of the unemployment to many. FM: PP just tell me how many millions joke you cracked on demonetization? Demonetization gives an employment to lakhs of the joke writers and cartoonists.

PP: Sir, Recently Indian express published the Paradise papers, What a preventive step you take to minimize such transactions. FM: We asked the united nations (UN) to link the bank accounts of all people with Aadhar number in the world.