Monday, 27th May, 2019

Fogging done mistakenly

04, Sep 2018 By shakeel ahmad

The residents realised it suddenly on one afternoon. It was actually a fluky fogging in the locality inhabited exactly close to the main road. It has seldom experienced any cleanliness drive. The drains along both sides of the wider lane in the locality most of the time were clogged. It invites the breeding of the mosquitoes easily.

The movement of the vehicles was never scant in the daytime. The lane’s floor covering was not fully paved with cemented tiles. One day some incredible sight was visible in this locality which had never found such a surprising spectacle. It was a surprise for children as they were avidly watching with keen interest like any celestial phenomenon. It was definitely happening in their small life firstly. By the hoarse sound of the vehicle running at a speed, the women also started looking at the sudden smoke rising up with an amusing stare. One boy called another saying come and see this.

He exactly used the word ‘macchharwala aaya hai’(fogging machine). Whosoever noticed the smoke emitting through the pipe on a small open vehicle could not escape from reactions in surprise. Though everyone was approving the civic body’s action, but nobody was able to believe at this earthly fact. How had this become possible? What was never seen in the past several years was happening before their wide-open eyes? Their curiosity led them to get to know details about this happening. It was later learnt that the vehicle’s driver entered the lane mistakenly. He supposedly thought that the lane might take him to other pathway but he had to turn back after learning its closure at another end.

When he came near the end of the lane he enquired in confusion, “Was there no way out?” The people replied in the negative. While going back he closed the motor spitting bad smelling smoke. Despite people’s insistence to continue smoking the place the driver rejected their humble request for reasons known to him. For residents, civic amenities have always mattered more than the style of living. In this newly inhabited locality, the mosquitoes and the stray animals’ menace are persisting throughout the year.