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Freeloader bags the Iron throne: Legal notice sent by All India Anti-Freeloaders’ Association of B-schools (AIAFAB) to the writers of Game of Thrones Season 8

22, May 2019 By Indu Wary

It seems like the writers of the eighth season of GOT are having the darkest night in their life without any hope of seeing the dawn anytime soon. If sources are to be believed, soon after petition to remake the series’ eighth season “with competent writers” garnered more than a million signatures, the writer duo also received a legal notice from AIAFAB soon after the show was aired in India.


Speaking to the Faking news Bangalore correspondent reporting from IIM, Bangalore campus, Ganapathy Iyer, president, AIAFAB said, “It is a matter of our pride. Big insult to intelligent and hardworking people like us. Not only Supreme Court, if the exit poll stands true we will take the matter to Modiji after he comes out of the cave. And if required we will also approach Donald trump. We will rock the World if we don’t get justice. Mother of dragons worked so hard her entire life, traveling endlessly, Jon Snow fought all the battles, and even Komolika of GOT, Cersei deserved more than that freeloader Bran who did nothing but sit and behaved like a psycho with popped out eyes. We will not allow what happens to us during projects here in B-school. We will fight until the end. Our watch has just started”.

A popular freeloader of IIM, Lucknow campus with 9 CGPA with record-breaking scores in all the project work, who requested to keep his identity secret, reverted back to our email saying, “This is all overhyped unnecessary publicity stunt by AIAFAB. Ganapathy Iyer thinks he is the cross product of Vivek Oberoi and Kangana Ranaut. We are the keeper of all the stories who lead to the final conclusion of the project. We might not be physically or mentally contributing to the project work but we tell stories, we can make stories about everything, starting from introduction to findings to analysis to the conclusion. Who better to lead us, as a group to the bright future of the project?”

Meanwhile, we tried to contact the writer duo in the limelight, Mr. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss to understand their present state of mind. Their spokesperson replied back saying “these are baseless allegations as both the legend writers are an ardent supporter of anti-freeloaders”. We also tried to contact George R R Martin to get a clue if he also means to end his book the same way. As per our secret sources, last he was seen at some exotic beach resort of Hawaii having a relaxed Thai spa treatment.