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Friends confer Saint status on man who quits smoking, drinking and becomes a vegetarian

06, Sep 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Delhi: A local man Mr Pavitra Kumar has been conferred an unofficial Saint status by his friends after he performed miracles of quitting smoking, drinking and becoming a vegetarian. What possessed the man to take such drastic steps wasn’t made clear and how he proceeded to carry out the deeds are still shrouded in mystery.

Boy who recently attained sainthood
Boy who recently attained sainthood

We spoke to the friends of the man for more information, “You must be aware of the Hindi phrase, “Tu kya Saint ban gaya hai bhai’ (Have you become a saint man) when a man deviates from the usual path of sin also known as having fun in one’s life. So our friend Mr. Pavitra Kumar who was earlier known as Mr. Apavitra Kumar used to be the quintessential cool guy. Like whenever we are out we buy a 1l bottle of Bisleri to quench our thirst, he used to buy a liter of Blender’s Pride and the smoke emission coming his mouth would put any 90’s truck to shame. And let’s just say, had the Serengeti National Park consisted of chickens, Pavitra would have made them all go extinct. Then one fine day when we were planning a quiet weekend at the nearest drain, Pavitra announced that even though he would accompany us, he would indulge in anything. We all laughed like crazy but we’re aghast when he kept his word. Then without thinking we all fell to his feet and declared him a true saint as there is no other word for a person who has forsaken such worldly desires in order to follow a path of god knows what.”

The man further surprised his friends when he refused to stare continuously at his long time crush and also stopped watching football and declared he would only watch pure sports like test cricket and golf.