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Friends made New Year plan for Goa trip, fainted after no one cancelled it till the end

25, Dec 2016 By Shikhar Nilabh

In what can be called as the most bizarre incident of 2016, six people, who shamelessly call each other friends, fainted out of shock as no one cancelled the New year plan for Goa trip. They had planned meticulously for the trip including booking refundable air tickets and hotels with no advance charges but their dreams were shattered when not even a single person backed out. This would probably be the first time after ‘Dil chahta hai’ that no one in a friend group cancelled the Goa trip.

In a state where they are unable to understand if they should be happy on their successful trip or should they be sad with no cancellation taking place like their usual trips
In a state where they are unable to understand if they should be happy on their successful trip or should they be sad with no cancellation taking place like their usual trips

Talking to our reporter one of their colleagues said, “They are surprisingly very close friends and have been successfully cancelling the Goa trip for the last three years. They were so loyal that at least one of them backs out at every event. The last time we saw them together was in the room for group discussion organized for hiring the team members. They are the most hard working people in the office and remain till late night. Although most of the time, they are seen clicking on cancel button, when the dialogue box on the desktop asks if they want to save the changes. We were planning for a surprise party with them as we were sure that their plan would get cancel. I even had a bet with other colleagues that if they go to the trip, I would not cancel ours. But it came as shock for me to see their Facebook post which stated that Rocky Heartbreaker Sharma is travelling to Goa with five others. We were specially expecting the cancellation from Rocky Heartbreaker Sharma whose original name is Rahul Laxman Sharma. He in his free time enjoys ordering a cab from Uber and cancel it at the last moment. Moreover his crush recently rejected his proposal as she feared if he would cancel their marriage at the last minute.”

Soon after they fainted, they gained consciousness and were ready for the journey. Some of them tried to back out with the excuse of dizziness but were convinced on the pretext of having got over 100 likes on their Facebook post, some of which included love reactions. As they embarked on their journey, one of them said to our reporter “it feels sad when what you have planned goes exactly as planned. I wanted the New Year to be exciting and I had booked tickets for Bangkok as I was sure about the cancellation of our trip. Even I myself tried to cancel the trip, as I contrived the story of having my sister’s marriage at home, but they sent me the link of her wedding photos uploaded on Facebook two years ago. Last week I ordered clothes and backpack from Flipkart. Taking into account the certainty of our trip, I had opted for Cash on Delivery despite of inconvenience due to demonetization, so that I could cancel my orders before paying them. Additionally, If we had known earlier about how it turned out to be, we would have booked a less expensive hotels.”

This has really come as a shock for the people who thought that the demonetization and winning of Donald Trump would be the most strange incident in 2016. Currently, the most happy person in the nation is Farhan Akhtar who believes that he could finally make a sequel of ‘Dil Chahta hai’ without the generic disclaimer ‘All characters and events are fictional’.