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Frustrated husband found installing secretively “Blue whale” game in suspicious wife’s smartphone who used to spy on him

22, Aug 2017 By sumit jha

Bangalore– Prakash, a software engineer working with IT-MNC  married to Priyanka in 2014. It was arranged marriage and he fell in love with her within a few months of marriage. They were having very happy life but it took a very unexpected turn when Priyanka starting taking control of Prakash’s freedom.

Now and forever. Will take a full revenge now.
Now and forever. Will take a full revenge now.

She started doubting on his character as whenever he talked with any female friends his mood used to be very good. He was not allowed to talk or meet with his friends without informing her. He can’t talk with any female colleague without approval from his wife. He was depressed with his wife obsession and doubtful behavior.

Over a time his love for his wife started turning towards hate. He started spending more of the time out of office. He had many heated discussion with her wife on all these issue but it didn’t help to resolve. Finally, he decided to kill his wife and live alone for whole life. He contacted a local contract killer, Tippu, but deal dint worked out. He was frustrated as he was seeing everywhere failure. Then from media source he got the news about ‘Blue Whale’ game. He found this may be simple way to get rid of her and he has secretively installed this game on his wife’s smartphone. She started playing the game. Over a time she was so much involved in that game that she stopped bothering about Prakash.

He was feeling happy that his plan is working. He was eagerly waiting for 50th day- death day of game. On that day he took morning bath and went to temple to wish his wellness and success. While returning from temple he realized that he is killing his wife. His conscience was not allowing him to do so. He called his wife to stop playing that game which may take her life. When he reached home he asked his wife to please forgive for my mistakes. Priyanka forgave him but on one condition that he has to complete last death round of game.