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Garment shop files complaint against people who just look at countless dresses and buy none

19, Apr 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Delhi: A leading garment shop has filed a complaint against the people who come to the shop and look at numerous dresses but end up buying none of them. This is generating immense support amongst other leading stores who are equally frustrated with this species of shopper. We spoke to the proprietor of the shop Mr. Akash Kumar for more information.

Its evident from certain class of customers' body language that they won't buy anything.
Its evident from certain class of customers’ body language that they won’t buy anything.

“Now we were fed up with the menace of the customers who look at countless dresses for hours at a time and buy none or in some exceptional cases buy 1 dress. This causes immense waste of time and loss of revenue on our part and is extremely detrimental to our profession. They not just look they smell, feel, run their hands around the fabric and even try on the clothes many times thereby spoiling them completely. These so called ‘Proud to be window shoppers’ should stick to looking at products through the window. Hence we have complained against these pesky shoppers to the concerned ministry and have also appealed to the government for an anti-window shopping law and if they don’t pay heed, we would launch a nationwide agitation. We are also thinking of asking for a security deposit once the customer looks at more than 10 dresses, which will be forfeited if he/she fails to but anything substantial. If they want to just look at dresses they should go to some online site as after all that’s where they buy the stuff anyways”.

Surprisingly other shoppers have come out in support of the traders, one such spoke to us, “Now due to these people we have to wait for a long time before the salesman can get to us and when he does he is so exasperated that he gives us a complete cold shoulder hence ruining our shopping experience, action must be taken against them!”